Thursday, November 2, 2017

Winners! Winners! Winners!

I have a few winners to announce.

The winner of the Autumn Book Festival Giveaway ~ Paperwhite Kindle is Deborah F.

I'm also doing something new for my email subscribers. I'm giving away 2 $10 Amazon Gift Cards on my every email for the #20 and #120 person to engage the email. To engage the email, all you have to do is click on one purchase necessary. I know you get a ton of emails every day. So I thought this would be a great little perk for you guys (my email subscribers)!

The two winners for October's email are
Debra W.
Pam S.

If you haven't subscribed to my email list and want to here is the link— email list.

I'm so excited for November's many great many great bargains!

Just to let my fans know. This last year has been a slow year for my writing. I lost my mother a year ago this month. Despite the fact that she had a good, long life, it is just hard losing one's mother. The other factor that has slowed my writing is that I hurt my hand at work over a year ago. It has been a long road. I've had two surgeries and am still battling nerve pain. Over this period of time, I have only released one book, Set Fire To The Rain.

That is about to change. I am in the process of revising my old fantasy series, Whispers of a Legend. The first book, Past of Shadows, is set to be released January 16, 2018. It will be released under my pen name, Colleen Connally, as will the majority of work coming in 2018.

I am also hoping to come out with a new series...untitled... I will let you know more soon.

Have an awesome day!

Pre-order Your Copy of Past of Shadows!


Thursday, October 26, 2017


Whispers of a Legend Series is now — THE THREE REALMS!

Shadows of the Past has been completely revised. It is now PAST OF SHADOWS!

Get a glimpse into Witheleghe, the magical world!

The legend, they say, is whispered within the winds along the magnificent Preda Mountains. Words and deeds never to be forgotten of the Arachnidan Terror.
Children sing to the glory of the Sordarins. Young lads praise their heroes of the past with dreams of following within their footsteps. Old men bask in the deeds of another time, a time when the Sordarins crushed the impending threat and once more Scarladin was safe.
The mighty Sordarins, rulers of the sky! The people look high up in the clouds and see their warriors soaring under the sun and know they are safe and secure in their world never to have to worry about the threat of the Arachnideans and the dreaded Asmeodai! The ones whose quest seek only to destroy all the Sordarins have ever known.
Over the years, the Sordarins have slept well secure in their knowledge the Great One watches over them, knowing that the legends holds a mighty warrior will emerge if threatened again, a warrior born with a destiny to defend their world.
Now, though, subtle changes have emerged. Little by little, fears begins to resurface that their world, their very existence is once again threatened. They look to the skies anxiously awaiting their warrior; questioning perchance if the Great One has forgotten them.
I know this how? For I am the one born to defend their world. I, Kela Calledwdele, was born a EuchounI am their warrior.

Kela Calledwdele was born with a destiny, a Euchoun with only one purpose in protect. Torn between two worlds, Kela soon discovers she is the hope of both. Now she must find the courage to face the destiny fate has dictated to her.

Kela has always known what path in life she would follow. She was born a Euchoun. Half Witheleghean, a passive peaceful race where magic runs freely and the other half, Sordarin, a valiant warrior race of hawkmen who rule the sky, she knows well her parents gave the ultimate sacrifice to give her a chance to live. Yet, in so doing, they have left Kela unprepared to face the danger that awaits her—an evil like no other—Asmeodai!

The Three Realms will be available everywhere. At the moment, I only have the pre-orders up on Amazon. I will let you know when it can be pre-ordered on the other sites...soon. excited to be back with this series!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Boston's Crimes of Passion


First I want to congratulate Gwendolyn J.— the latest winner of one of my giveaways. She won the All-New HD Amazon Fire with Alexa. I'm sure she will enjoy her prize. But...BUT I don't want anyone to go away without anything.

I don't know really why I made Fragmented free. I only have two books in the series. The basic premise in making a book free is so readers would want to read the rest of the series. My thought was I wanted more people to read Fragmented. In turn, I hope to get a few more reviews. Honest reviews would help others find Fragmented. A review is a powerful tool. If you want, you can leave a review here.

I appreciated my loyal and committed readers. Thank you.

There are several ways to keep up with my new releases and specials.

You can sign up for my email—  here.

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I'll be starting a new giveaway next week. So, don't miss out. Until then, download Fragmented and Enjoy! Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

#ReadaRomance ~ Giveaway & Awesome Reads

Congratulation to Justine H. the winner of the Amazon Echo Dot Giveaway in August. For everyone that entered, thank you and don't you can see I already have another giveaway in progress.


I am working diligently on rewriting Whispers of a Legend...It won't be long before I release
 Past of Shadows, Book One of The Three Realms.

Coming Soon!

The other thing I want to do today is let you have two of my books, my perma-free books are yours simply by downloading them at any time...but don't wait. Both these books are #MustReads.


Amazon Review ~

  'This story has a lot of intrigue, twist and turns. Cameron has tried to be a great friend, sister and daughter. But little dies she know all the bad things going on around her until it affects her brother. Then all hell breaks loose.'


Good luck in the Giveaway! Enjoy the FREE books...and have a Great day!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

#ReadaRomance Giveaway!

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I'm celebrating Broken Legacy going FREE from August 13th through August 17th!


So enter my giveaway...which is easy...all you have to do is subscribe to my Youtube channel. You won't go away empty handed...not with Broken Legacy free for a limited time. I, also, have two perma-free books that you can download immediately. 
Belle of Charleston


I have been dealing with a hand issue for the last year. I even had surgery back in April. It has slowed down my writing. Unfortunately, I am having to undergo another surgery on Monday. I am determined not to go backwards. I am in the process of rewriting my first published series, a fantasy. For all those fans of Whispers of a Legend, I am returning to finish what I started, but to do so I have to rewrite the whole of the series.

So, Whispers of the Legend is being brought under my penname of Colleen Connally with a new title, The Three Realms. The first book will be, Past of Shadows. The cover will be revealed soon and the book by the end of the year.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Amazon Echo Dot Giveaway

Congratulations to Karen M. Winner of the Amazon Echo Dot. For everyone that entered, thank you, but don't dismay! I have another giveaway going July 24-August 22. Enter now for your chance to win an #AmazonEchoDot! Click here to enter!

Enter for your chance to win!

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Good luck in the Giveaway. Have a wonderful day!