Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Boston's Crimes of Passion


First I want to congratulate Gwendolyn J.— the latest winner of one of my giveaways. She won the All-New HD Amazon Fire with Alexa. I'm sure she will enjoy her prize. But...BUT I don't want anyone to go away without anything.

I don't know really why I made Fragmented free. I only have two books in the series. The basic premise in making a book free is so readers would want to read the rest of the series. My thought was I wanted more people to read Fragmented. In turn, I hope to get a few more reviews. Honest reviews would help others find Fragmented. A review is a powerful tool. If you want, you can leave a review here.

I appreciated my loyal and committed readers. Thank you.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

#ReadaRomance ~ Giveaway & Awesome Reads

Congratulation to Justine H. the winner of the Amazon Echo Dot Giveaway in August. For everyone that entered, thank you and don't dismay...as you can see I already have another giveaway in progress.


I am working diligently on rewriting Whispers of a Legend...It won't be long before I release
 Past of Shadows, Book One of The Three Realms.

Coming Soon!

The other thing I want to do today is let you have two of my books, my perma-free books are yours simply by downloading them at any time...but don't wait. Both these books are #MustReads.


Amazon Review ~

  'This story has a lot of intrigue, twist and turns. Cameron has tried to be a great friend, sister and daughter. But little dies she know all the bad things going on around her until it affects her brother. Then all hell breaks loose.'


Good luck in the Giveaway! Enjoy the FREE books...and have a Great day!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

#ReadaRomance Giveaway!

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I'm celebrating Broken Legacy going FREE from August 13th through August 17th!


So enter my giveaway...which is easy...all you have to do is subscribe to my Youtube channel. You won't go away empty handed...not with Broken Legacy free for a limited time. I, also, have two perma-free books that you can download immediately. 
Belle of Charleston


I have been dealing with a hand issue for the last year. I even had surgery back in April. It has slowed down my writing. Unfortunately, I am having to undergo another surgery on Monday. I am determined not to go backwards. I am in the process of rewriting my first published series, a fantasy. For all those fans of Whispers of a Legend, I am returning to finish what I started, but to do so I have to rewrite the whole of the series.

So, Whispers of the Legend is being brought under my penname of Colleen Connally with a new title, The Three Realms. The first book will be, Past of Shadows. The cover will be revealed soon and the book by the end of the year.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Amazon Echo Dot Giveaway

Congratulations to Karen M. Winner of the Amazon Echo Dot. For everyone that entered, thank you, but don't dismay! I have another giveaway going July 24-August 22. Enter now for your chance to win an #AmazonEchoDot! Click here to enter!

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Boston's Crimes of Passion is Now Available Everywhere...and Fragmented is FREE!

The first in the Boston's Crimes of Passion Series! A pulse-pounding thriller! Ms Connally's first murder mystery delivers! Suspenseful...shocking...a psychological thriller-- leaving readers on the edge of their seat. Cameron Quinn is caught in a web of deceit. Protecting her brother from being framed for a murder places Cameron in untold danger. When the real killer diverts his attention to her, she has nowhere to turn, especially not to the man she shared one unforgettable night... who now is trying to put her brother in prison. A "must read" for any suspense lover!

She would do anything to protect her family...

Cameron Quinn watched her father fall into a world of despair after being falsely accused of causing her mother's death. Now, her brother is a suspect in a crime she knows he's not capable of committing. She'll risk everything to save her brother from the same fate as her father, even destroying evidence that implicates him in a series of murders.

He would do anything to win a case...
ADA Darren Kennedy is known as 'the bulldog.' He doesn't lose. When a killer emerges on the streets of Boston, he's dead-set on putting that killer behind bars...along with anyone that stands in his way.

A killer would do anything to get his heart's desire...
Cameron soon discovers that the police aren't the only ones who suspect her of covering for her brother. The murderer is still out there and he isn't happy his plans have been disrupted. Now, the twisted psychopath has turned his attention towards Cameron and will stop at nothing until he has her in his control.

Blood makes you related; Murder makes you family!

Riley Ashcroft discovers that being born into one of the most prominent and powerful families in Massachusetts doesn't mean a life of ease. Far from it. Since her father, Jack Ashcroft, took his own life thirteen years ago, she has lived in the shadow of scandal. When her grandmother's personal secretary is brutally murdered, Riley begins to suspect everything she has been told as a child was a lie. Feeling betrayed, she vows to expose her family's darkest secrets.

Josh Kincaid, an investigative reporter, is on the heels of a major story. Thirteen years ago, Harrison Taylor's fate lay in the hands of his lawyer, Jack Ashcroft. In the midst of rumors and scandal, Ashcroft committed suicide and Taylor's fate was decided. Taylor is a convicted killer, but his grandmother has never stopped believing in his innocence. Now, the woman of meager means has offered a reward for any information that will free her grandson. Kincaid's interest is peaked, but it isn't until an anonymous tip suggests that the convicted killer was framed that he takes on the case.

Determined that the sins of the past be revealed, Kincaid and Riley search together for answers to the questions that were silenced by Jack Ashcroft's death. But there is a killer out there that has already proven he will do whatever necessary to keep those secrets buried.

In this tale of deceit and twisted revenge, the two soon realize that no one can be trusted, not even each other...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Secret Lives ~ Seductive Lies is #FREE

Seductive Lies has never been free...get your copy today.

Seductive Lies is only Free for a limited time... July 11-13th!

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From the author of a #1 Amazon Historical Romance Kindle Bestseller, BROKEN LEGACY, comes Seductive Lies!
Only love can heal a heart betrayed...
Harriet Burke has long been haunted by a family scandal. Abandoned by her mother as an infant, she has grown up in the shadows of the events that led up to that scandal. But all changes when she meets the future Viscount of Daneford. The dashing young Lieutenant Arthur Hammett defies his grandfather. Professing his undying love, he proposes to Harriet. Harriet quickly learns that all is not what it seems. Secrets, lies, and betrayal shatters Harriet's life, leaving Harriet little choice. She has to begin life anew...
They were destined to be together but fate had other plans...
Lord Arthur Daneford made a rash decision years ago that cost him greatly...his biggest regret. Now, though, his past has reemerged. Chilling information has been called to his attention that Harriet's life is endangered. He will stop at nothing to ensure her safety, but will she accept his help before it's too late?
Family scandal...Forbidden love...Ghosts and Curses
Harriet Burke has been cursed or so says her grandfather. In her youth, a gypsy's blessing gave Harriet the ability to disregard the boundaries of death. Lord Arthur believes it is total nonsense, but he cannot deny there is no explanation for her knowledge. Haunted by visions of wrongs once done, Harriet fears there will be no escape.