Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Taste of Seductive Secrets

SEDUCTIVE SECRETS is FREE now in the UK! So excited it finally went FREE!

Wanted to share a few recent readers reviews! Thanks for the feedback! It's much appreciated!

Amazon reviews

CaptivatingJanuary 12, 2013

LadyAtlantis (St.) 

Seductive Secrets (Secret Lives Series) (Kindle Edition)
This is definitely a must read! I truly enjoyed the story and characters, the perfect mix of romance, mystery, suspense, action and the historical background descriptions. Once you get to know the characters you will be engrossed until the end of the story. I am looking forward to more books from the author, as well as the rest of this series.

Pretty wicked in all the right waysJanuary 9, 2013
Eahardy  Seductive Secrets (Secret Lives Series) (Kindle Edition)
A love story with a little more. I came with for the story and stayed for the characters and all the things they did behind closed doors. Entertaining as it was it was filled with twist and turns and hot encounters, would definitely read again^_^

Seductive SecretsJanuary 8, 2013
Paula Seductive Secrets (Secret Lives Series) (Kindle Edition)
This is the first historical romance books that I have read. It was a beautiful story, with twist and turns. The author drew me right in with Alyce the main character. Her whole life was turned upside down when she was 12, when her father passed away. Years later, her home was burned, and someone tried to kill her in a hotel. She heard her aunt telling her uncle that she no longer wanted Alyce because evil surrounded her. The author paints a picture of a lady that your heart can't help but love, and you want the best for Alyce.

Seductive secretsJanuary 5, 2013
Liz Delino Seductive Secrets (Secret Lives Series) (Kindle Edition)This book is a good read. The romance and love it speaks of is warming. There is always something new on each chapter. I could not put it down. It's a great read.

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