Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seductive Secrets Book Giveaway!

Do you want a chance to win a signed copy of Seductive Secrets? I have some copies I'm giving away for the next few weeks. Not only Seductive Secrets, but a copy more of my books. In the Whispers of a Legend series under my other pen name Carrie James Haynes, Part Four- Time of the Nuxvenom or one of the Tides of Charleston Series, Another Night Falls. It will be your choice. But you have to comment to win.


You can comment anywhere I'm at socially... here, Castle in the Air, Jerri Hines, Romance Author, Novel Works, Whispers of a Legend Saga, or on twitter at @jhines340   @carriejhaynes  @colleenconnally
or on my Facebook pages.

Easy...will be giving away books until Broken Legacy is released!

Winning books is fun. I know. The other day out of the blue a Jia- love that name by the way- got in touch with me that I had won ten books from The Knight Agency. I didn't even know I had entered. When I get request, I always try and help if I can. This time I won ten books! So excited because they were so nice to send them to my mother. My mother has been having health issues for the last few months. All she can do at the moment is sit and read. She loves to read. She's gonna love it! I do so appreciate The Knight Agency for sending them to her. Brightened her day!

So let me brightened yours. Just leave a comment. Broken Legacy is coming!



  1. Thank you Colleen, for hosting this giveaway. Love to read Seductive Secrets - hope I win!

  2. Vanessa,
    Good Luck! I'll be announcing the first winner tomorrow. I meant to tell everyone...once entered you are entered for the entire contest. So if you don't win tomorrow, you still have a chance to win. Hope you get to read Seductive Secrets, too!

  3. Seductive Secrets sounds like its great. Would love to read a copy.

  4. Added Seductive Secrets to my TBR pile-it sounds like a great read!

    I think it's awesome that you won 10 books and the Knight Agency sent them to your mother! I hope she's enjoying her new books and hopefully you'll get to read them too so you both can discuss them. :)

  5. Hi guys! I drew the winner of the first book today. I decided to give away a couple of books. I took all the comments from all my social medias. Both winners came from this posting. So I decided to give all three of you that posted comments books. It only seemed fair.

    And for everyone else...the giveaway continues. I will keep all the names I have and add to them this week! Good luck!

    As for my winners here- Vanessa and Jessica- Just email me your address at

    And yes, my mother received her books yesterday. She loved them. I do believe I will be able to read them at some point!

    Have a great day! Any questions, let me know.

  6. Adding this book to my TBR list it keeps growing and growing! lol

  7. Amber,
    Congratulations! You too have won a copy of your book choice. Please email me at I will gladly send you a sign copy!