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Am I seriously supposed to know what I'm doing?
There have been several times in my life I have felt like this. Starting a new job. Getting married. Having children. Then after I took the plunge into a new experience, I figured out that it all works out in the end.
Hasn't been that way in my writing career. I thought the hardest part would be writing the book. It hasn't been. The hardest part is the business end of everything. I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm not a business person. Never have been...never will be. My heart rules me.
My major in college was in sciences. My love was writing and reading. Accounting and bookkeeping...not so much. So it goes with Indie publishing.
This has been a learning experience. On one hand I love the control I have with Indie publishing; on the other I want to scream to have a publisher. Why? Because all I want to do is write. There is so much I really don't want to deal with that pulls my time away from my writing. But in the scheme of things, it's part of the business so I don't have a choice. I have to readjust my way of thinking. The way you approach a task does affect the outcome.

There is power in thinking positively. 

The Power of Positive Thinking

I admire Oprah Winfrey. I do. Usually I talk about my books or someone or something that inspired me in history. I don't usually write contemporary. I have an old soul, but Oprah Winfrey inspires me. It’s pretty simple really. She’s gives back.
Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of positive thinking. I need that. Everyone needs to think positively. But in real life it’s easy to say, a lot harder to do. That’s why Oraph Winfrey is inspiring. I’m not an expert on Oprah’s life story, but I do know this — the path she walked wasn’t easy. She overcame adversity and obstacles that most of us wouldn’t even understand.
I miss her show. I always enjoyed that part of the day. Oprah has that way about her that she could be your neighbor sitting down for a chat over coffee. What I miss most is listening to her talk. Do you? I miss her voice. It had a calming, soothing tone to it that allowed me to accept what she was saying whether I agreed with her or not. To be honest, if I didn’t agree with her to start with, I usually did by the end.
I believe she was the first one to make me see the world around me a little differently. Oprah is from Mississippi. So am I. I love my home. I hold fond memories. I love the people, the countryside, the food… Oprah, though, grew up a tad different than I did. She grew up with a different perceptive. Yet, even though her hardships, she survived and thrived. I believe it was because of the way she looked at life. 

I pulled Oprah up on the web the other day and found this. 

When you're an Indie writer, it's hard at times to expose yourself to the public. Sometimes its hard to stay positive. In reality for me, being an Indie is kinda like being stranded on a deserted island not knowing what is going on in the outside world. In the world of publishing, I am stranded on a deserted island. I'm not a member of a writer's group. I work too many hours and nothing is close by me. I have friends that serve as my beta readers. I hire an editor and she seems to like my books well enough. But when I release a book, I feel like I'm going in it blind. Will they or won't they like my book?

When my children were growing up, I always told them to do their best and don't look back. It's all I could ask is for is their best. Now that is what I give to my writing. So I waited to hear what readers thought about Broken Legacy. I'm going to share a couple of the reviews. 

I also want to add a thank you to the readers that take the time to write a review. Reviews are so important to an Indie author. Thank you. 

Amazon reviews

Format:Kindle Edition
This novel was so enthralling, it captivates me the moment I started reading the book. The characters/plot was expertly crafted. The scandal, politics, greed of power, and a steamy romance was lusciously erotic, and proved to be a lethal combination of the story. If you're a fan of Johanna Lindsey or Virginia would want to read this book.

The protagonist was a courageous woman who was used by her families as pawn in the middle of French Revolution. And yet, was able to smuggle food, and people. She was well-known as "White Rose" to her network to helped for those in needs, to escape madame guillotine.

Lady Eloise Granville has lost hope, and giving up everything when the people she loved has perished. With the aid of the Earl of Lenister a flicker of trust unfold, and hoping for a promising future. The question is......if their love survive at the end.

Malissa -
This review is from: Broken Legacy (Secret Lives Series) (Kindle Edition)This book was just as good or even better than the first in the series. The writing was excellent. The plot was well organized. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The character story's were competed. There was just enough of everything a book should have to be excellent. 

Goodreads review

I'm a particular fan of this authors brand of historical romance. The landscapes are vibrant and beautifully written. I can visualize the settings and want to visit them. I am drawn to the characters. I feel empathy for their plight. I enjoy particularly the strong female leading lady in this book. I would recommend this to anyone who loves being taken back in time and treated to a love story that has depth. This story wraps you up in interesting people and places. I couldn't ask for more.


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