Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodreads, Reviews and Bargains

Amazon bought Goodreads. What do you think? I'm not sure. I'm taking a wait and see attitude. I like the premise of Goodreads. I like interacting with readers and other authors, but honestly I didn't give it much thought until I read an article on Publisher Weekly. I confess I don't update on Goodreads page like I should. I mean I only just set up Colleen Connally's account. I think that's what I have to do for my pen name...not even sure. I'm there under Jerri Hines, but I know I don't use it to its full potential. One thing I do enjoy is being able to talk easily to readers. I hope that doesn't change.

I also wanted to mention readers reviews. To everyone that has taken the time to write a review after reading one of my books—thank you. I have been told that a review is left on average of 1:1000 downloads. I personally think the number is even higher. So for everyone that has left a review I just want you to know I appreciate it. And I encourage everyone to leave a review for a book you enjoy. The author will be deeply appreciative. I wanted to share another reader's review one from Broken Legacy and the other from Seductive Secrets.


Broken Legacy Reader Reviews:   Amazon

Simply mesmerizing..., March 31, 2013 by Jackie
This review is from: Broken Legacy (Secret Lives Series) (Kindle Edition) 
Colleen Connally has a gift for weaving love stories filled with conspiracy, sacrifice, deceit, loyalty, hardships and least of all love. I am completely enthralled with her work. Eloise' s character in this story has experienced so much hardship and difficulties I am humbled with the ease the author was able to make me feel and see the heroines live. Colleen has the ability to transport you in time and place you within the story. The way the characters are introduced and how their relationship begins was brilliant. Eloise's story was heart breaking. Colleen was able to again merge different worlds from different social standards and had a great supporting cast that enriched the plot of the story full of betrayal and conceit.

Making the reader connect with the protagonists is difficult but Colleen has the ability to make you see through theirs eyes and feels what they felt. I felt pain for Eloise with all her predicament and admired her strong will and courage. This is the first novel I have read where the heroine is so powerful in characters yet her endurance was not over bearing on the hero, Gerald. I would have given the story a 5 star but I think the author was a little redundant after a while and the end of the story (epilogue) could have been a bit more heart felt. I don't want to spoil the ending but if you call yourself a friend and your live is saved wouldn't you do all in your power to reciprocate especially to remedy a terrible wrong once you were on free territory. I felt the author did not redeem Giselle very well and some of the other characters. Overall, the story was mesmerizing with a heart felt plot and magnificent work!

SEDUCTIVE SECRETS Readers Review:   Amazon

I'm Undone!, March 31, 2013 By ASpoon
You have to be a good writer to have a reader fall Unrealistically in love with a character...What I wouldn't give to meet a real Lord Julian Casvelyn. My favorite male character period..

Now for the bargains—THE CRY FOR FREEDOM is now only $.99! It's the first book in my historical fiction series, Winds of Betrayal! Just a little thank you!


Have a great day!  Keep reading!


  1. I am dedicated fan of your books now. You're a great writer that really draws in the reader. I can visualize everything that was going on in Seductive Secrets (like a mini-movie).

  2. Nickali,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy you enjoy my writings. You made my day!