Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Regency Verus Historical Romances

Today I want to compare Historical Romances to Regency Romances.

There are so many sub-genres of Romance. For that reason I thought I would clarify what I write when I write under Colleen Connally. My books under Colleen Connally are set in England. Seductive Secrets is set after the American Revolution; Broken Legacy happens during the French Revolution. My upcoming release, Seductive Lies, happens during the Napoleonic Wars. All my books then would be technically be considered Georgian Period. Although, Seductive Lies does lapsed over to the beginning of the Regency Period. The Regency Period only existed for a little more than 10 years, 1810-1820.

In today's publishing world, defining one's genre is important in the sales of one's book. The money in romances at the moment is with Contemporary Romances. A couple of years ago it was Paranormal Romances. But with Historical Romances, the most money is made if you label your book a Regency.


Regency seems to capture the readers imagination. So if I was a smart business woman, I would write a historical set during the Regency Period. I'll let you in a little secret. I'm not a business woman.

I'm an avid reader and a huge fan of authors I read. Most other historical romance writers I have read that list influences of their writing always include Victoria Holt. I have read and reread Victoria Holt's books under all her pen names, Jean Plaidy and Phillippa Carr. Tid-bit- Did you know she had other pen names as well? Her real name was Eleanor Hibbert. I think she wrote under 8 pen names....I think. Anyhow, I love her works. She is by far the biggest influence on my writing. Victoria Holt's books always had a mystery intertwined with a love story. My vision of England came through Victoria Holt's books.

I believe I write more on the line of Ms Holt. I don't write light-hearted romances. I love to read light-hearted romances, I just can't write them. When I think Regency Romances writers today, I think of Julia Quinn, Mary Balogh, Eloisa James, and Sarah MacLean. There is an allure to reading a  Regency Romance.

Although I've always been a history buff, I never had intention to write about life across the ocean. American history is my favorite, but I will admit English history fascinates me. When I did visit England last year, I was immersed in the history of King Henry VIII. Not for this many wives, but for his perception of the world around him. My fantasy series, Whispers of a Legend, has a character in the story that was greatly influenced by King Henry VIII.

As for the Secret Lives series, Seductive Secrets came about because I wanted to prove to myself I could write a traditional historical romance. I confess I tend to step over the line at times. With Seductive Secrets, I wrote a traditional story...kinda sort of. Hero meets heroine, but with a few twists. It just comes to me. I do try not to get too complicated, but I find my stories take a life of their own.


Seductive Secrets was one of my first Indies. I released it as an Indie because I got absolutely no positive feedback from anyone I submitted the manuscript to and I loved the book. Not that I got any negative rejections. With Seductive Secrets, I don't think many responded back to me. I believe I know the reason. Because despite my attempt to write a traditional romance, I stepped over that line again.

Just my opinion, but publisher houses want to know they will make money before they sign you. Don't blame them. It's a different publishing world today. Now this is just my opinion—There is a traditional formula to be followed and within that formula I don't think there was a place for my gay secondary character, Charles. Now, I'm not certain. I may read a lot, but I haven't read every book out there. Or perhaps the publishing houses just didn't like my book...

That's what being an Indie writer has allowed me to do—write the books I want. It's also difficult at times. I'm really out here by myself, but I found I'm a better writer that way.

Boy...am I going in another direction! Back to clarifying my genre— Secret Lives Series isn't a sweet Regency Romance. It's historical romance/romantic suspense with a touch of paranormal. Is that a genre?

I'm in the midst of Seductive Lies. I'll let you in on a secret...I'm crossing that line again. The closer it comes to releasing Seductive Lies the more I'll let you in on the plot line.

One update.

The Cry For Freedom is free now everywhere.

It's a beautiful day here. Perfect for writing. Have to get back to it. Have a good one!


  1. Great to see someone else writes romances set during the Revolution - werewolves, vampires and regencies be darned! Both my first books are set during the AM Revolution. I have a draft of a sequel to the first set during the French Revolution, but it gets a bit dark. My favorite romance novel ever is the Scarlet Pimpernel. (It's not even supposed to be that well-written, but it's a good story!)

    I just downloaded Seductive Secrets from Amazon and I am looking forward to reading it!


  2. So glad to met you. I have to admit that Broken Legacy was hard to write dealing with some of the subject matter of the French Revolution. I enjoyed the Scarlet Pimpernel also. The story is fun and full of action. Let me know what you think of Seductive Secrets.
    Colleen Connally