Thursday, July 11, 2013

Heat Up Your Summer!

July is vacation month, but I haven't been on vacation. I'm working diligently on Seductive Lies under my pen name Colleen Connally . It's coming. I'm at the stage in the book where I'm obsessing about it. It's all I'm doing in my free time.

Ask my husband. Twice this last weekend he went to the beach without me. My hair...oh, my goodness...I need to go to the salon or just let it go gray. My house...if it wasn't for my daughter, I don't think you could get through it. And it's so hot...

This is what I'm working on.
seductivelies (5)

Erin Dameron-Hill has created an absolutely gorgeous cover for Seductive Lies...

I don't have a set the exact release date. Looks like early September. I have to get a few things organized. Then I will have a set date!

I just have to mention Book Bub. There aren't  many places an author can promote to get the results you can when you're on Book Bub. It's Awesome! I've had two books on Book Bub—Seductive Secrets and The Cry For Freedom. Both are Free eBooks. Last Sunday, The Cry For Freedom was advertised. 

Today, Embrace of the Enemy should be in the top #100 of Family Saga. My fault. I thought I had it listed in Family Saga. Didn't. Should be showing up soon. 

cryforfreedom (2)embraceenemyfinalkissofdeceitfinal

I just wanted to take a minute and answer a question. A reader asked me why I ended The Cry For Freedom as a cliff-hanger. Was it to sell my the other books in the series? Quite frankly, yes.
Isn't that what an author is supposed to do? When I give away a book, I do so with the intention of selling more books. I want to give away a sampling of my writing so a reader can get a feel for my writing. It works two-fold. A reader gets a free book and I hope I gain a fan who wants to read more of my works.

I have a few series. Secret Lives Series under Colleen Connally are all stand alone books. They are connected by the premise behind each book. Each of the heroines live a secret life in some form or other.  I might in the foresee able future take a character from one or two of the books and write a story about them. I think Malissa in  Seductive Secrets deserves a book of her own as well as one of the new characters you will read about soon (I hope) in Seductive Lies. 

Whispers of a Legend series is one cliffhanger after another. It won't stop until the last book. 

Winds of Betrayal isn't quite as much a cliffhanger series, but the story won't wrap up until the last book. There will be unanswered questions until that time. 
While I'm thinking about it, want to share a couple of reviews....
Amazon Review—
What a book, the best. REALLY...... :), July 10, 2013
By L Beyer

This review is from: Seductive Secrets (Secret Lives Series) (Kindle Edition)
This book was the best ever. I could not stop reading it. It has everything in this book romance excitement, everything OMGawg just read the book. I agree with the others on this book to. I could go on and on about this book , but until you read it you will never know.
Amazon Review—
SUSPENSE!!!, May 13, 2013
By Patty
This novel has taught me not to give up hope in the person you loved and trust. Colleen Connolly wrote this book with passion, loyalty and lot of suspense. I love how she introduces her characters, and how the story unfolds. It kept me from going to bed: as I snuggled up and read till it came to an end. GREAT BOOK!! I would recommend to anyone who love a piece of historical romance.
Have a good one! Keep Reading!

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