Sunday, January 5, 2014


I'm so excited! I'm doing my first audio book—SEDUCTIVE SECRETS! It should be up within the next couple of weeks. I've had request for my books to go to audio. I didn't realize how easy it was to do. I had the most wonderful experience.

During this time, I listened to my book. WOW! I had never listened to a book before. Now I understand how addictive it can be. I wrote Seductive Secrets and I couldn't stop listening. 

It is my first. I am in the process of creating all my books into audio. It will take time. I will tell everyone when its up as an audio. Keep your eyes...ears...out for it.

Seductive Secrets is still a free ebook!

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  1. Greetings Colleen, I have just completed Seductive Secrets with such disappointment that the story had to end! I was completely, utterly captivated page after page and grew to truly love these characters and the passion, determination, and heart that encompassed their journey. I guess being an actor, I let my imagination takeover, growing personally attached to Julian and Alyce. I felt like I had completed a beautiful film. I actually read quite a bit of the book out loud thinking how marvelous it would be to hear this on audio! And then I read your blog. Do you have any interest in hiring additional actors to record your stories for you? I would absolutely love to be a part of making your writings come to life in audio work. Do hope to be in touch some more! Please feel free to contact me through my website:

    Cheers and all the best to you,

    Mikayla C.