Friday, March 7, 2014

Celebrate Seductive Secrets Milestone!

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Seductive Secrets has received its 300th 5-STAR review!

I'm thrilled! I love this book...always have. This book and I have so much history together. A history that I'm not going to regress into today. I believe in looking forward, not backward. Seductive Secrets is a free ebook. Last year, I told you I was debating whether to take it off of free. I know I need to do pull it off of free, but somehow I'm finding it difficult. But I am...eventually. Probably at the end of the summer...  So until then enjoy that it's free!

Someone wants Alyce Hythe dead…

Shunned from London society for being the daughter of England’s most notorious spy, Alyce Hythe desires only to clear her father’s name. For years, she has been hidden away from all prying eyes, given a new identity and told to forget who she was. But strange things have been happening causing old rumors to once more be whispered. Long has Lord Julian Casvelyn lived with guilt brought on when his brother was murdered by England’s most infamous traitor. But one eventful night has changed everything Lord Julian believed about his brother’s death. Never did he suspect the woman he has just saved from certain harm is the daughter of that man. Now Julian is caught in the midst of a conspiracy and desire for that woman. Thrown together by fate, the two search for answers long denied them and along the way discover a love that can free them both. 

Seductive Secrets Audio
Don't forget you can get it on Audio now as well! Try it out...I absolutely adore listening to this book!

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