Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Love As A Legacy

Seductive Secrets
We all want forever. When we are love and are loved, it is forever.

Love is a legacy. 

I was thinking what we leave behind—what we have given to this world. I was thinking of my grandmothers...my dad and I smiled. Their passing left a void, but it is filled with memories. Some memories fade in time; others magnify. I was fortunate to have been closed to both my grandmothers. Both gave taught me invaluable lessons, not by their words, but actions.

My grandmothers came from different worlds. One came from money and privilege; the other...not so much. If I credited one person for my writing it would have to be my Grandmother Dotson, the one with not so much money. I would sit for hours listening to her talk of her youth. She encouraged my imagination. She grew up the youngest of seven and she was the only girl. I can still picture her talking to me, her house, her room...even her smell. For some reason, we had a special connection. The greatest gift I ever received came from my Grandmother Dotson.

I am a middle child. No different than most middle children. In front of me, I had a beautiful sister who could do no wrong. Behind me, my brother, who got to go with my father everywhere because he was male. I was so envious. I felt that I kinda got lost in the mix. Grandmother Dotson made me feel special. Although she lived about an hour away, my mother and I would go visit every Saturday. Most times, it was only my mother and I that went. One Saturday in December...just after I turned eleven, we went to visit, only to find my grandmother collapsed on the floor. It was so strange and surreal. Even before Momma opened the door, I knew. I knew and already ran to the neighbors. My grandmother had passed away. Sadness enveloped me. It was only two weeks before Christmas.


Christmas wasn't the same that year until after everyone had opened their presents. Then away from all the others, my mother gave a small package, beautifully wrapped. Opening it, it was a watch. My grandmother, who didn't have a dime to spare, had bought it for me. My sister had wanted a particular watch for Christmas that my grandmother knew my parents were going to give to her. My grandmother wanted me to have one. It may have only been a simple Timex watch, but I loved it. I still have it to this day. The band is long gone. Worn. Broken. But it’s one of my most precious items I own.

There are several times of love. Passionate love. Tender love. Motherly love. Compassionate love. Love.

My grandmother has been gone for over forty years, but I have always felt she is with me. She has never left. A love that crosses time...a love that is forever.

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