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 There are certain expectations of heroes in romance novels. The most important is for the reader to imagine herself falling in love with him. Romances are escape from reality. A reader knows when picking up a romance that there will be a Happily Ever After.

How the hero and heroine obtain their HEA is up to the imagination of the authorand talent of the author. It is my job as the author to create characters you can become attached to in the story. When you read one of my books, one knows I don’t write romantic comedy or light romance. I’ve tried, but no matter what I do, my characters divert my story to where they want to go. I write a few different genre, but my favorite is historical.

My imagination runs wild with historicals for many reasons. The rules that women lived under during these periods make compelling storylines. Tortured, angst and anguish souls.

I have prided myself with fresh and original stories. My characters are flawed. I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe in love. Redemption is always a key element in my stories.

The question becomes can a hero be redeemed? Should a hero in a romance be allowed to be human for a momentIf they do make a mistake, can they be saved from themselves.

I understand we want a hero to be strong, confident, arrogant to a certain point. But can’t those same qualities led to issues?

When I wrote Seductive Lies,I wanted the reader to feel the reason Arthur made his decision to deceive Harriet. Afterwards, he discovered there were consequences to his actions. I believe that he paid for his liesand in the end, he found happiness.

I write what I love to read. Growing up I read and re-read my favorite books. I have found these books inspire meinspires my stories. Two of my favorites—Jane Eyre and Rebecca. If you remember in Jane Eyre, Mr. Rochester was already married when he tried to marry Jane. The only reason he didn’t was because the brother of his wife told of the deception in front of Jane. Then Rochester confessed to Jane and she eventually forgave him. In Rebecca, Maximum believed he had murdered his wife.

Soyes, I believe that a hero can be redeemedby loveof course.

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