Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fragmented is Part of What to Read After FSOG-The Gemstone Collection Part Five

Ssh! Don't tell Momma! What to Read After FSOG: The Gemstone Collection Part Five!
What To Read After FSOG: The Gemstone Collection Part Five! The collection of books is filled New York Times, USA bestselling, and Amazon bestselling authors!
MELINDA DUCHAMP- The Sexperts: The Girl With The Pearl Necklace
KAROLYN JAMES- A Voice to Love
SASHA WHITE-  The Principles of Lust
STEPHANINE QUEEN- Playing the Game
ELAINE RACO CHASE- Rules of the Game
V. J. DEVEREAUX-   Cooking Class
COLLEEN CONNALLY- Fragmented, Book One Boston's Crimes of Passion
SUMMER DANIELS-  Summer's Journey has erotica romances in the collection...I'm not sure but Fragmented may be the token Suspense/Thriller in the bunch. My Momma is going to turn Fifty Shades of RED!!! So...ssh...don't tell her. She loves my books, but she has a hard enough time telling people she knows that I write romances 'sex books' as she calls it. No matter that she has a closet full of Romance books...where do you think I stole my first romance book I read...just makes a difference that her daughter is writing them...but to be in a collection of books with Erotica Romances...she just may have a heart attack. So....ssh...we just won't tell her.

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