Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Secret Behinds Seductive Secrets

Seductive Secrets is FREE Today through Wednesday (1/24-1/27)

Seductive Secrets was the second book I released as an Indie Author on February 14, 2012. At the time, its title was Daughter of Deceit and under another penname, Carrie James Haynes. The book did amazing for a short period of time. Then overnight the book picked up 25 one-star reviews. Suddenly, I was attacked by a group of trolls. I didn't know what hit me. I'm not going to go through what happened, but in the end, I had to take the book down, change the title and rerelease it. 

Seductive Secrets was released for free in June, 2012 under a new penname, Colleen Connally. Before this troll group discovered what I had done, I had accumulated enough good reviews that their bad ones didn't matter as much. One of the trolls in that troll group became a stalker troll. She followed everything I did. She wrote about me constantly for over a year, even at one time accusing me of being one of the reasons for the CT school shooting. 

Trolls are a different sort of people. I assume that it gives them a sense of power to try to bring another person down. I truly don't understand their motivation.

I write for several reasons. Writing makes me feel good and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love to create an imaginary world. I write from my heart, which is the reason I write mostly romances.

I believe in love and the power it holds. So, the negativity that surrounded Seductive Secrets surprised a certain extend.

To be honest, I knew when I wrote Seductive Secrets that some people might take offense to the book. Why? There are these rules to follow when you write a traditional historical romance. I broke one of those rules. 

One of the main characters, Charles, is gay. Not only that, but I showed him in a positive light.

My stalker troll wrote in her blog that she thought I created a gay character because I was dealing with an issue in my family...insinuating that someone in my family was gay.

She wasn't wrong about one thing. One of my daughters is gay, but I didn't write Seductive Secrets because I was having issues with that fact. I love all my children and accept them for who they are. I always have and always will. 

The reason I wrote Seductive Secrets:
   My daughter told me that growing up, she didn't have any positive gay role models. I told her I could write one that might help someone else. Charles was written to be a positive role model.

I was willing to take a chance. To be honest, I never dreamed I would have had to endured what I have with the trolls and still do, but I wouldn't change a thing. I am extremely proud I wrote Seductive Secrets.

I believe that Seductive Secrets is a great romance. I believe that Alyce and Julian will satisfy any historical romance lover and on a side note...I believe you will love Charles as well.

For the next few days, Seductive Secrets is FREE once more. Please download it. I sincerely hope you enjoy it...and if you do, leave a review and let me know!

Have a wonderful day!

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