Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Good Morning! Beautiful day...somewhere I'm sure. It's a rainy day here.

For the last few months, I have been dealing with a hand issue, my right hand. I had surgery the first of April. Finally, I got my cast off...but I have discovered its still going to be a while before my typing is back to normal.

So, I'm just a little slower getting anything done.

With the release of Set Fire to the Rain, Winds of Betrayal comes to a close. I feel it closes a chapter on my life. This series has been a part of my life for fifteen years. I have always had a deep fascination with the American Revolution. I hope my love for this country is reflected in my writings.

Writing historicals is my comfort zone. I love immersing myself in the past...an escape perhaps.

There are a couple of things I realize. I write different than most historical romance writers. It's my voice.



For the last couple of years, I have focused on my writing name, Jerri Hines. Now, I'm turning my attention back to Colleen Connally.

I did release the second book in Boston's Crimes of Passion Series, Framed, last September to little fanfare. My mother was ill last fall.

No excuses...just the reason.

I'm coming back...taking on the challenge of breaking into the world of suspense and thrillers! I'm working a new series...new book under Colleen Connally—Scream for the Camera! Don't have a release date, but will let you know as soon as I do.

I have a giveaway going at the moment...enter to win a $100 Amazon Giveaway... click here!

There is a couple of things you can do to keep up with my books.

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Colleen Connally

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For anyone signing up for all three...email me at jerri.hines@jerrihines.com and I will email you the PDF of either Set Fire to the Rain or Framed!



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