Monday, March 11, 2013

The Truth Behind The Fantasy

I write Romance. I write what I feel and Romance is what I feel. More than likely, the Winds of Betrayal series would be considered Historical Fiction, but on the whole Romance is the driving force behind my books.

I was reading an article on the internet that someone said that romance novels are bad for your health. I disagree. On the contrary, I believe it is just the opposite.

While I'll concede that romance novels are fantasy, the love behind the books isn't a fantasy. Sometimes we need an escape for a few hours into a different world than the one we live in. Not that there is anything wrong with the world we live, but sometimes its nice to be reminded about the love we share with our better half or that there is someone out there for us. In the midst of  all the appointments, grocery stores, laundry, rushing the kids from one activity to the other, the phone calls, bills...we live on a merry-go-round.

When you pick up a romance novel, there is one certainty before you even turn the first page—there will be a happy ending.  It's the Golden Rule in romance. I myself love a happy ending. It's what we all strive for in our lives.

I believe in love at first sight. I believe that there is a love that completes me. I believe in that happy ending. In reality, maybe our better half isn't 6' 5'', a body to kill for and eyes to get lost in with one glance. But to us, they are perfect. In reality, we have every day chores that have to be addressed. Perhaps that is more of a fantasy in the romance novels...that our characters don't have to take the trash out, go to the grocery store, or stay up late waiting on your teenager to come home. But the isn't a fantasy.

In my romances, there is always something within them that is the substance of the story. I'll take my book, Seductive Secrets, as an example. It's a true romance complete with the happy ending, but I did something in the tale that was a tad different. My main secondary character is gay. Having a gay character in a book isn't life shattering, but I put him in a traditional historical romance novel. I had a purpose behind doing so.

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I have someone close to me that is gay. In a conversation, this person expressed to me growing up they didn't have anyone to connect with that was gay. They grew up feeling that something was wrong with them. There was no one to look up to and the gays that they were exposed to in the public eye were ridiculed. I can't do much, but I could write a gay character in a positive light. I believe in Seductive Secrets Charles comes across as a respected member of society.  It was my intent.

Seductive Secrets has had many ups and downs. It has changed titles and pen names. I even decided to simply give it away. It has always done well free, but yesterday it skyrocketed back up the rankings. I'm happy to say that it's ranked as #3 overall in Amazon free rankings; #1 Historical Romance and #1 Romantic suspense.  Simply thank you. Even if it is free, I appreciate that readers enjoy my book.


Following up Seductive Secrets, I released Broken Legacy last month. Again, this book was inspired. Broken Legacy was a hard book to write because of the subject matter—the French Revolution. In Broken Legacy, my heroine is truly a hero. She overcomes many obstacles and places her life in danger to save others. Fantasy? Perhaps but I want to acknowledge Eloise was inspired by a true life hero, Irena Sendler. Although Ms Sendler may have lived in a different time and place, she exhibited true courage.
So romance novels are a fantasy. But behind every fantasy there is inspiration, purpose and...a happy ending.

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