Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer's Coming! Great Summer Reads!


The sun's out and summer promises to be round the bend. Which means one thing to me—great summer reads. I love the summer. Lazy days. Time for the beach, pool, and quiet evenings on the porch with a large glass of lemonade. How about a good book to take along. Not a bad way to spend a day to escape from the world for a short time.

This summer I'm going to be busy finishing off Seductive Lies, Secret Lives Book Three. Then my attention will turn to Whispers of a Legend, Part Five and the conclusion of the Winds of Betrayal series. Next year, I also hope to have started my next series, Belle of Charleston.

A couple of changes are coming also to my series. The Cry For Freedom, hopefully, will soon be free everywhere. Have to wait for it to appear on Barnes and Noble free. Smashwords is slow at times. Embrace of the Enemy is coming off of KDP. It will available everywhere after May 22. I'm also considering taking Seductive Secrets off of free. Thinking about it... We'll see.

Now though I hope you enjoy some of the books I already have out...



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