Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Amazon's #Kindleunlimited


Being an Indie author, one has to keep up with the growing trends in online publishing. Keeping up with these trends can be tricky at times. One of the challenges is knowing when to put your books into Kindleunlimited on Amazon and when to leave them on all the other sites.

Personally, I would love to have my books on all the sites at all times. One of my favorite things during Christmas shopping is to sneak into Barnes&Noble, get a cup of Starbucks, and browse through the books.

Not to mention, I think there should be a The Read show like The Voice, where you can download your book from iTunes and watch it go up the charts.

Then there is GooglePlay...Kobo... Basically, I would love to be a New York Times bestselling author and not have to worry about whether or not to have my books exclusively on Amazon in Kindleunlimited.

But the reality of the situation for me is that most of my readers come from Amazon. When I promote, the places where I promote mainly aim at Amazon readers. So, I go where I can find the most readers...which at the moment seems to be Amazon.

For the avid reader, Kindleunlimited is a wonderful program. You can have my books for FREE if your in the program. For an Indie author, Kindleunlimited can be a great tool in growing your readership.

Under my penname, Colleen Connally, I have all my books in Kindleunlimited, but that is going to change soon. I'm going to mix things up in the coming months and take on the challenge of growing my readership. For the time being, Secret Lives Series will continue under Kindleunlimited, but I'm going to be making a few changes.

In July, my Boston Crimes of Passion Series will be coming out of Kindleunlimited. So, if you're in Kindleunlimited and haven't read my Contemporary Romantic Suspense series, get it now when you can read it for FREE. Fragmented and Framed will still be on Amazon. I'm just pulling them from Kindleunlimited and putting them on the other sites.

After the conclusion to Winds of Betrayal series under Jerri Hines, I am moving back to concentrating on my penname— Colleen Connally. My next release will be a romantic suspense thriller...contemporary set on Martha's Vineyard. I can't wait to announce the title of the book and the series. The series will be connected to Boston's Crimes of Passion.


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Have a wonderful day...keep reading!

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