Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yesterday, I got my new cover for Seductive Secrets. Love it! Went to Jimmy Thomas' sight. It was so easy and I believe the cover looks awesome. Been waiting for a while for Seductive Secrets to come up on Barnes and Noble. Smashwords said to give it time, but it been over two weeks since its been sent out. Patience is a virtue!

Seductive Secrets has been released before under another title and another pen name.There are reasons for my move. It was first published as Daughter of Deceit under my other pen name. I hope there isn't too much confusion. I'm trying to get it up on Amazon as I write.

But for right now...don't you love the new cover?

I'm also working diligently on the next book in the Secret Lives Series, Broken Legacy. Hope to have it out this fall.


  1. I've had several emails about this book, asking me if it's mine!
    I've had a book called "Seductive Secrets" out at Samhain for some time now, so people worried that I was being pirated wrote to me. A relief to know that the title and name is just some kind of weird coincidence.

  2. BTW here's the link to mine:

  3. I didn't even realize that the similarities until I released my book. Titles...authors use the same titles all the time, but here the names are similar. I did notice that Seductive Secrets was in a reading contest on Goodreads and they had my blurb and your cover. My Seductive Secrets isn't up everywhere yet and hopefully will be free soon. will help in your sales. You can email me at and I can go into more details about the situation, but it was totally unintentional.