Monday, August 6, 2012

Give Away a Book FREE...Good or Bad Idea?

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SEDUCTIVE SECRETS is FREE! It doesn't have specific days its, it's free. When I first made the decision to go Indie, I realized that giving away a book was a must. When you're an author, your major challenge is getting readers to read your work. There is an ocean of books out have do something to call attention to yourself.

Last October, I released my first Indie venture. It was free. I thought I had done my due, but here I am again giving away a book. Why would I do it again? Especially since I'm not the fastest writer which may be attributed to my networking or my full time job or family...

But let's look at Seductive Secrets. It took me a year to write. A year and here I am giving it away. A second free book...the question why? What possible benefit do I gather from this move?

First, I really didn't have a choice...which I'm not going to go into at the moment. What is important to me at this time is that readers have the opportunity to read my works. I do so appreciate the response I'm receiving from Seductive Secrets. It has done my confidence a world of good and I really hope you enjoy Seductive Secrets...that is extremely important to me.

Just a few fun facts...since it went free on Amazon it has climbed the rankings. It has gone as high as #31 on Free Kindle; #3 historical romance; # 6 in romantic suspense...not bad for a book that hasn't appeared on any of the top free sites, not yet anyway. It has done well on Barnes and Noble also.

Now if this had been a strategic move, I would have another book releasing right after it. Seductive Secrets is historical romance/romantic suspense with a tad of paranormal thrown in. I do have the next book in this series in the works. Broken Legacy will be ready either late 2012 or early 2013.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords
But if you can't wait...I do have another's a historical romance but it is set during the American Revolution...a different setting, but I think you will enjoy it. RUSE OF LOVE is book two of the Winds of Betrayal series.

Have a good one! Keep reading!

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