Saturday, August 11, 2012


I've made it no secret that SEDUCTIVE SECRETS was once published as Daughter of Deceit under my pen name Carrie James Haynes. What I haven't talked about is why. Believe me I have my reasons and they are extremely good reasons. I also have extremely good reasons I have to remain quiet. I am being told to be patient and all will come together soon.


So...why mention that Seductive Secrets was once Daughter of Deceit. I want to put up some of the reviews from Book Blog sites...I was so extremely proud of these awards. I'm extremely proud of Seductive Secrets. When it was under the title of Daughter of Deceit, it was in the Amazon Select program. On its free days it had just under 29,000 downloads. Under Seductive Secrets, I don't have the exact count because I can't see the all the numbers from Smashwords because they haven't been reported...but the numbers I have puts the downloads to around 45,000. In total that would add up to around 74,000 + downloads.

This has been far above any expectations I had when I put Seductive Secrets free. I believe this fact is even more amazing because Seductive Secrets has not been on one major free site...It hasn't been on Pixtel of Ink, Ereaders News Today...basically I believe it has done this well because of the Coffee Time Romance CTRR Award and Risque Reviews Top Choice Award.

One more thing...thank you. Thank you for taking the time to download Seductive Secrets. I truly hope you enjoy the read...

Have a good one! Keep reading!

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